From Mini Piling to Spray Rendering in Bournemouth | Solutions for Tight Sites and Strict Schedules

Seels CB specialises in challenging jobs, so we have a range of solutions for various obstacles your project may face. Particularly, we provide mini piling for sites with limited space and which need an efficient foundation option. Our render specialists also offer spray rendering for quick application of external render, as well as efficient liquid screeding and tailored property extensions.

Here, we look at some of the ways our groundworkers and builders in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas meet the needs of projects with space and time restraints.

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Solutions for Tight Spaces

Specialising in domestic services, we often have to work on small sites and in tight areas. This can make it difficult to complete tasks which generally require large machinery. However, we have a number of options for hard-to-access locations, such as:

  • We use mini piling to install foundations and structural reinforcement for property extensions and houses

  • We specialise in limited-access piling for side-return and rear-facing extensions in locations with tight exterior space

  • Where possible, our bulk excavation contractors provide no-dig drainage services, avoiding the need for excavation

The machine used to install mini piles is much smaller than that used for standard piles, allowing our groundworkers to undertake piling where headroom and floor space is limited. Mini piles are also smaller in diameter and are less disruptive to install, making them ideal for domestic sites in Bournemouth.


Solutions for Strict Schedules

At Seels CB, we understand that projects often have set deadlines which are important to meet. We always work to agreed schedules and offer a range of efficient services to keep your project on track, from spray rendering and liquid screeding to drain lining.

If you are planning a property extension or new build, we can provide a full build service which ensures work goes smoothly. This is because we organise all trades and manage the timings of each stage of the project.

We also work efficiently when providing individual services, such as specific groundwork and drainage services. Our groundworkers arrive promptly and don’t dawdle, completing work as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. One service offered by our bulk excavation contractors at Seels CB which is perfect for tight schedules is mini piling. This is a quick method for installing foundation piles, either to support new or existing structures.

Furthermore, if you want to improve the look of your Bournemouth home in a short space of time, our spray rendering and pumped screed services are the perfect option. Using a special spray machine, we quickly apply render to external walls. Liquid screed is laid using a specially designed pump. These methods offer faster application and drying times, so you can transform the appearance of your home without waiting around.

Contact our team of bulk excavation experts, groundworkers, and render specialists today to find out more about our range of services, including:

  • Mini Piling

  • Limited-Access Piling

  • Side-Return Extensions

  • Rear-Facing Extensions

  • Wraparound Property Extensions

  • Spray Rendering

  • Coloured Render

  • Pumped Screed

  • Commercial Drainage Services

  • House Drainage Services

  • Soakaways

  • Road Drainage Installations

  • Professional Site Development

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